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SmartBuds will always offer Free Hearing Health Checks and will work with you to build you the right treatment plan based on your budget and lifestyle.

All purchases made through us come with a 60 day money back guarantee – we stand behind our prices and products.

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Our Premium Hearing Aids Bundle

The latest and greatest hearing device technology that’s loaded with features, multiple functions and can adapt to any lifestyle, anywhere.

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Our Advanced Hearing Aids Bundle

Great for people with active lifestyles. Includes the most popular features and functions in hearing aids to help you when you’re out and about.

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Our Standard Hearing Aids Bundle

Provides a great level of hearing support and access for those that typically stay at home or spend time in smaller groups.

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We have hearing aids for every type of lifestyle, need and budget. Making sure our devices are top quality and affordable for our clients is extremely important.

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Quality Hearing Aids starting as low as $499 per ear (after government incentives, qualification can vary). See us for a 100% Free In-Clinic Hearing Health Check! No referrals needed! The latest technology and amazing service at the best prices… That’s the SmartBuds experience.

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